Information - Bronte Sliding Door Wardrobes

We sometimes come across items that challenge the most experienced technician.  One such item is the Bronte Sliding Door Wardrobe.  They are lovely looking once complete but are known to be awkward.  We will assemble them but the price to do so will reflect how awkward they are.

Before we will provide a quote, we must insist the customer checks every piece for any signs of damage, that all parts are indeed there and there is enough room for it to be built on the floor and then tipped upright. 


We can only level the wardrobe to a certain extent, if it is not completely level the doors have a tendency to slide open.  There is only so much adjustment that can be made to these.

Again we cannot stress the importance of making sure items are checked over prior to us attending.  If items cannot be assembled due to external damage we will still charge the agreed price.